How Are Paid Hookup Apps Different From Free Ones?

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What’s really in a free hookup app?

When signing up for a dating site, you have many choices to make. But one of the bigger choices is whether to sign up for a paid or a free hookup app.

There are many great free hookup apps out there, and each one offers different features. But singles often wonder: What’s the difference between a free hookup app and a paid one? Does a paid app really give me more for my money? Of course, the answer isn’t always so black-and-white. There are some great free hookup apps that do a nice job of matching people up and helping you get laid.

But in general, a good paid hookup app will give its customers access to more features and more serious users. There’s also a general pay structure a lot of hookup apps use, which newbies need to understand.

Payment structure

Let’s take care of the most obvious aspect of paid hookup apps and how they differ from free ones: There’s a payment structure! Every paid app will ask users to pay a different monthly amount, whether it’s $20, $35 or somewhere in between. Keep in mind that price shouldn’t always be the determining factor when deciding which app to use. You also need to consider the people using the platform, to ensure you will match up with the right person.

More important than the monthly price is the fact that, for almost every paid hookup app, the longer you sign up for, the less you will pay per month. Most hookup apps offer a trial period, or even the ability to sign up for free so you can familiarize yourself with the platform. Take advantage of these opportunities. Then, if you really love the site and think you will want to use it for a long time, sign up for six months, or a year. You’ll save a lot of money in the long run and won’t have to go through the trouble of switching apps.

While getting access to free features is great, check out the trial period if you’re interested in the site at all. Most trials run between $0.99 and $5 for two or three days. Of course, there’s no commitment necessary with a trial, so if a paid hookup app is giving you the option to see more for just a couple of bucks, why not take it?

Extra features

It’s hard to imagine some of the extra features paid hookup apps offer if you’ve been using free hookup apps your whole dating life. Paid hookup apps let you do a lot more than just swipe left or right. Many of them give you unprecedented access to webcam sessions, private galleries and flirtatious tools.

The best hookup apps have different levels of access, meaning they allow users to choose how much material they let others see. This also adds an element of excitement and intrigue to the mix. For example, AdultFriendFinder only lets free users see a couple of other members here and there. If you pay to use the site, you can see other member photos that were restricted before. But it goes beyond images. With AdultFriendFinder, and many other sites, members have the option to livestream and interact with others on the platform through video. Only paid members get to see live streams.

Almost every paid hookup app will also have live model webcams of some kind. Each site handles it differently – some have you pay an extra fee to see these webcams, while some let you enter chat rooms if you are a regular, paying customer. The point is, model chat rooms usually aren’t available to free users. While chatting with webcam models might not be why you sign up for a dating website in the first place, it can come in handy if you ever get bored, or if you don’t have any luck hooking up.

Paid hookup apps also allow users more options to flirt with other members. Flirting comes in different forms. Some apps have a “Hot or Not” feature where you can rate profiles, while others allow users the opportunity to buy virtual gifts. These added features are another benefit that sets paid hookup apps apart from free ones.

A better user base

No dating app is perfect, whether it’s free or paid. But when you sign up for a paid hookup app, you’re usually paying for less spam, and fewer fake profiles. Many platforms promise users that that they are dedicated to keeping out spambots. Some even have dedicated, full-time employees working to do just that – keep the platform safe and hassle-free.

Paid hookup apps are also a litmus test, in a sense. With free apps like Passion and Fling, people might sign up because they are bored, or even as a joke. These profiles can disappoint other users who later find out they aren’t real. By charging a fee, paid hookup apps try to prevent this very problem. And as a result, users tend to be more serious and more willing to talk or hook up. 

Remember, dating is a numbers game. But even if a paid hookup app does have slightly fewer members than a free one, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a match than you would if you had to sift through bogus profiles on a free site.



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